EPISODE 10 – Moment // Time

The tenth episode of CONSTELLATION has been deployed. You can find the full 20 song playlist through this link and embedded below.

Spotify URL: spotify:user:lavlinjer:playlist:1AVOvvujpodIxiF0lC7I6q

Lavlinjer –

This is the 10th CONSTELLATION broadcast! As a part of a celebration in the reliability of this system, all of the previous broadcasts have been re-uploaded into a master signal, which will be left on for as long as our batteries allow. The master signal can be found via here.

Of these 20 tracks – I think I stole one from a friend, stole another from my past, stole 6 from the Nords and the rest from the wires.

Time is stretching on and on and on and life becomes more and more and more complex each time we add something new to it. How many moments do we lose in time?

How many times have I seen Blade Runner?

I hope you like this transmission. I hope to send many more.

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