EPISODE 11 – Faint // Dot

The 11th episode of CONSTELLATION has been deployed. You can find the full playlist through this link and embedded below.

Spotify URL: spotify:user:lavlinjer:playlist:0sK50sMhMhS9BtblMGxJpt


Lavlinjer –
Now that this system has established itself, things are going to be different: From now on, each broadcast will be 10 tracks instead of 20 making each episode more accessible, frequent and cohesive.
I’ve had to cut a few brilliant tracks from this set to fit to the new pattern, but this has made the collection a complete set of highlights. I’m extremely enamoured with Drab Majesty, so much of what they do fits neatly in between everything I enjoy in music. I’m separately excited by Chastity Belt’s new album, to have discovered Priests and to hear Best Coast making music that shows some variety.
It would be remiss of me not to include a track from Linkin Park. Chester Bennington’s passing last week was hard to hear about. Though no longer a group that I listen to with any regularity at all, for me – as for so many people – they were an inescapable and formative musical experience when growing up. My little thoughts and immense love go out to anyone who is dealing with mental illness, and to Chester in his wake.